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Bollé Helmet and Goggle Technologies

As a leading brand in Ski Helmets, and Ski Goggles, Bollé encorporate a number of technologies in their ski products that make them stand out above the crowd. However when looking for a new set of goggles, or a helmet, some of these features can read as double Dutch. Below is list of technologies and features you'll see listed on our products, but here we'll explain what they actually mean and what they do.  

P-80+ Anti-Fog

Bollé's premium Anti-Fog layer that's embedded into the inner lens. The technology disperses molecules of water across the surface of the lens which in turn restricts the build-up of moisture. Leaving you with clear vision of the terrain Infront. The technology is available in all Bollé goggles, and is of great use to glasses wearers that purchase OTG goggles, or have a prescription insert. 

Flow-Tech Venting

Tailored and engineered to each goggle, the venting systems promote directional airflow across the surface of the lens inside the goggles. This reduces the moisture build up, and works in collaboration with the P-80+ Anti-Fog technology to maintain clarity in the goggles. 

 UV Protection

All lenses from Bollé block out harmful UVA and UVB rays, up to 400 nanometers. Protecting your eyes, and covered portion of your nose and face. Just make sure to suncream up those exposed sections of your face to prevent panda eyes.

Carbo Glas Anti-Scratch

A protective and high tech armour that's applied to the outer lens. This creates a shield that significantly reduces scratching, and keeps lenses clear. 

 Goggle & Helmet Intergration

Helmets and Goggles from Bolle are developed in parallel with each other. This optimisation encorporates ventilation, comfort, and fit, giving you a seamless look to boot. 

Double Lens

As it says on the tin, but what's the reason for a dual lens? The thermal barrier between the two lenses and two temperatures of the cold outside, and warm moisture rich warmth generated by your face prevents condensation from forming. This prevents your vision being impaired, and you from being distracted. 

Forestay System

The forestay system is designed with outrigger systems which are designed at the side of the goggle's frame to allow the strap to work independently with your helmet, which in turn maintains comfort for you whilst allowing your goggles to sit firmly and snug on your face. 

 Siliconised Strap

The siliconised strap is a few neat lines of waived silicone on the inside of the strap that provide stability and support between your goggles, and your helmet. 

 Adjustable Ventilation

The adjustable ventilation that's fitted into Bolle Helmets is a easy to use system that gives you control over the air flow into the helmet to maintain optimum comfort.

Click to Fit system

The click to fit system allows you to fine tune your Bollé Helmet quickly and easily to the best fit for you. A rubberised adjustment wheel allows you to tighten or loosen the helmet with ease, even with gloves. 

Air Extractor

The air extractor system provides a constant circulation of air through the helmet. Cold air comes in from ventilation holes at the front, and warm air is extracted from the back. This keeps your head the right temperature, and keeps you comfortable, whatever the condition. 

Integrated ventilation

Encorporating the same concept of the air extractor, integrated ventilation opens at strategic points to ensure constant airflow around your Bolle helmet. 

Detachable Lining

Most Bollé Helmets feature detachable and washable inner linings. Look out for it in the helmet specs. 

Removable Earpads

Like the detachable linings, Earpads are designed to be comfortable and warm whilst still allowing sound clarity. As they're in contact with skin and hair though, they're designed to be removed for washing. 

Audio Kit

The Bollé audio kit system offers fantastic audio sound with a volume dial for instant sound control whilst on the slopes. Super thin speakers are directly inserted into the Bollé Earpads. *Audio kit sold separately.

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