Bollé Laika Goggles with Phantom+ Lens Cat.1-3

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The Bollé Laika has been a staple goggle in our range at Alpine Helmets and Goggles, as well as for Bollé themselves. It's a personal favourite of ours as a women's goggle, with a fantastic design, fit, and range, you can see why. This version of the Laika is very special though, with the best lens technology built into the Photochromic lens. The Phantom+ lens from Bollé is in our opinion, the best on the market. The Photochromic lens changes its shading depending on the conditions, letting lots of light in as a category 1 goggle in poor conditions and low light, right through to a category 3 with lots of shading in full sun, and covering everything off inbetween. It's an all in one lens for any condition. 

  • 100% UV protection
  •  Photochromic lens
  •  Optical clarity
  •  Platinum Anti-fog
  •  High-impact resistance
  • Weight: 127g
  • Equalizer® vents
  • Wide field of view
  • Double lens
  • UV protection
  • Flow-Tech® venting
  • Anti-fog treatment P80+
  • Carbo Glas® anti-scratch
  • Siliconised strap
  • Outrigger
  • Optical clip compatible
  • NXT® photochromic lens
  • Small / Medium fit
  • Vermillion Blue Phantom+ Category 1-3 lens. 
  • Rose Tint Base
  • 56-12% Transmission
  • Stabilized photochromic technology up to -25°C, outstanding optical clarity and shock resistance with NXT material and 100% UV protection.